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A team at Diageo had a team away day at Knebworth House.

Their afternoon session was all about wellbeing and so they wanted an acitivity that was beneficial in some way to colleagues.


They approached The Together Collective, a team building company, who suggested The Zentangle®️ Method for mindfulness to them, delivered by Art By Vanessa. It is a drawing technique, that through repetition, encourages a flow-state and one where you only focus on the task at hand.

I also ran a competition to guess the number of paper coils in a piece of artwork. This inspired one colleague to take up quilling again!


I took along blank squares in case colleagues wanted to learn more patterns in their own time.

The client said that colleagues are still talking about the workshop the next day and they have subsequently made photocopies of the blank squares in their communal area for people to use when taking a break 😊.

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