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The Commercial Growth team of 75 were having a team offsite.


The organiser Lana, wanted a contrasting activity to an inflatables experience where colleagues could be creative over the course of 1.5 hours.


Colleagues could sign up to either activity and it was great to see that over half chose the art experience!

The Modular Origami workshop was chosen as Lana wanted everyone to be able to take home a finished piece of art. Art By Vanessa chose a suitable star, Gary's Star, designed by Sok Song, as an entry-level design, to ensure everyone succeeded.


I created step-by-step worksheets, in case anyone wanted to take them to make more with their friends and family. It worked! Most were gone at the end. Lovely.

Group shot_edited.jpg

""The perfect team building workshop. thanks Vanessa! Once colleagues understood how to make the star, they could just get on with it and support each other, walking away with finished, framed art at the end."

"Thank you!!!!!! It was so much fun and everyone loved it – you are awesome Vanessa! So much appreciated and what a fab session – loving my artwork xxxxxx"

"Addictive. Taught my daughter. So much fun! It lifts the spirits thank youuuuuuuu! Super proud."

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