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10 reasons an art and craft experience is good for your business

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Stepping into something you've not done before can be rewarding and empowering.

Promoting learning and stepping out of your comfort zone is a known benefit of personal development.

Here are some reasons why I am blurring the lines between personal life and work life:

👍🏼 Workshops remove hierarchy

👍🏼 Workshops promote cross-functional engagement

👍🏼 Workshops strengthen relationships between line managers and their teams

👍🏼 Team activities nurture camaraderie in sharing

👍🏼 Team activities boost morale, when you succeed

👍🏼 Team activities encourage belonging

👍🏼 Engaging in creativity encourages mindfulness

👍🏼 Succeeding in creativity enables a sense of empowerment

👍🏼 Personal learning develops self-assurance and confidence

👍🏼 Workshops can develop new hobbies

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