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Japanese origami began sometime after Buddhist monks from China carried paper to Japan during the 6th Century. The first Japanese origami was used for religious ceremonial purposes only, due to the high price of paper.

These origami clothing pieces are great for greetings cards.

In this workshop, we make a combination of these and adhere them to A5 cards so you can send them out.

A selection of origami paper is included in your packs so you can choose what pattern you'd like to use. Card, sticky fixers, gems and crepe paper for the belts are also included.

What we achieve: Four cards per person.

Class length: 1.5 hours.

Online Workshop
Origami - Clothing

Clothing - Eventbrite photo.jpg.png
Short dresses.jpg


Packs sent to UK delegates: £35.00 per person inc. postage.

ROW: Bespoke quote provided.

Minimum booking fee: £250.00

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